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In the era of science and technology, every day we need to deal with loads of data. Here we have listed the 15 best free cloud storage solutions for personal and professional data storage.

Cloud computing is the delivery of cloud computing services i.e.

  • Storage
  • Computing
  • Networking
  • Database
  • and moreover the internet.

Free Cloud storage has nowadays become a priority of businesses that want to switch their data and do not want to rely on the costly hard wares.

Today, we have compiled a list of the best storage options for you. But before that let’s understand what is cloud storage.

What Is Cloud Storage?

The use of Cloud Storage acts as a replica of the traditional storage devices i.e. USB, hard drives or pen drives, etc. A backup file is kept on a hardware or USB flash drive and the user can store their data on Cloud. In traditional methods, there is always a chance of the device getting corrupted. Cloud Storage assists by the easy saving of data, hiring more employees, and reduces investments comparatively. There are various options of free Cloud Storage available in the market nowadays. You only need basic knowledge to choose the suitable one according to your needs.

1) Blomp


A free Cloud Storage that has a capacity of 200 GB and saves

  • Videos
  • Multiple files
  • And Images

It provides an easy and secure backup for your photos and videos. You can access it by

  • Windows
  • Mac Web Browser
  • Mobile App on iPhone or android.

Its top advantage includes management of files in your Cloud Storage directly from android or iPhone.

2) Degoo


It provides 100 GB of free storage and provides reliable and effective backup service. You can easily access it on Android and IOS devices. A paid plan could begin with $3 monthly charges for 500 GB storage space.

3) Mega


It offers 50 GB of free space. The key feature of it is that it enables users to download multiple files in the zip file. Moreover, through the mobile app, you can upload files.
Mega is attracting a large audience as it provides the best storage with the advantage of any security feature.

4) Media Fire

Media Fire

Media Fire gives initial free storage of 10 GB that can be increased up to 50 GB. It assists in storing documents and photos online without hassle. Multiple files from any browser can be uploaded on it. It eases your search and assists in document searching in the one-time link that is absolutely free and aids the recipient to further share.

5) Yandex Disk

Yandex Disk

As you sign up, it provides a 10GB free Cloud that upon participating in their promotion activities be elevated to 32GB. Photos with the original resolution are uploaded on Yandex Disk by the activation of auto-upload. Files could be transferred to Yandex Disk for easy access and edit. You can make Word, Excel and PowerPoint presentations on their browser without downloading them. It provides you with the option of sharing files. The receiver has the option to view download and save files on Yandex Disk installation.

6) Google Drive

Google Drive

It provides an excellent storage feature of 15GB and lets you store your personal data in a personal way. Even when you are offline or have a bad internet connection, you can easily view the saved files and photos. You can store docs in PDF form by taking a document snap. It is integrated with other Google Services.

7) Icedrive


It provides 10 GB of storage. It has the easy feature of synchronization of files with a simple click. Its top benefit includes media streaming from Cloud Storage and sharing with friends. Hence you can share, showcase and collaborate your files. It has the support of Twofish Encryption.

8) Koofr


It has an incredible 10 GB of free Cloud Storage. It enables connection to

  • Amazon
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive etc

Furthermore, it provides automatic phone backup of your photos and videos without any restriction to file size or type.

9) Mimedia


It provides a promising 10 GB free Cloud Storage when you sign up. Personalized file collection can be curated and managed through Mimedia. You can import data from

  • Google
  • Dropbox
  • Fb
  • Flicker

It is easily supported by PC and Mac. It provides support for images, videos, documents, file access and organization.


You can avail of 5 GB of free storage through You can easily restore your deleted files. Its most amazing feature is the free space feature. If you recommend it to a friend, and they download it then you get free gigabytes. Vault stores files and documents, and is different from the sync folder.

11) Dropbox


It offers a good storage space of 2 GB and has great back up features. From small files like photos, videos to large PPTs to even other larger CAD files can be easily kept here. It has a remote wipe feature that assists to clear data from a lost device.

12) pCloud


pCloud offers you, your desired big storage of 2TBĀ  with the unique feature of remote upload traffics. However, on sign up for a basic account, you get 10 GB. It provides various resizing options too. Furthermore, it has an archive feature. The Crypto Folder could be automatically locked by one of the options provided by pCloud drive.

13) OneDrive


It offers 5 GB free space and has made docs and files within the reach of the user. If you sign up from Microsoft then it would assist by keeping your data in one place. It can be pre-installed in windows and is accessible from any device. The main disadvantage of Outlook is the attachments saving from emails that lead to frustration.

14) iCloud


It provides 5 GB free storage that leads to easy saving of documents and files and helps in sharing data especially videos and photos with family. Apple iCloud organizes files and folders, and aids in sending messages and automatic saving.

15) Amazon Drive

Amazon drive dumpsplanet

It provides 5 GB of free storage, and 24/7 free support, maintaining a perfect workflow. It has made the files handling easier and saves photos and files securely.

Final Words

There are many Cloud Storages in the market that are free and provides other incredible features as well. Some offer the best user experience, others provide free services. The Cloud Storages mentioned in the list are worth signing up for. Businesses nowadays have adopted Cloud; hence Cloud professional demand is elevating.

So if you want, Cloud Computing career growth, then start preparing for Cloud Certification. Cloud Certification Training Course will assist you in your journey. We have assisted numerous professionals in level upping their careers.
So join us to become a certified cloud professional.

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